‘Prewriting’ from three perspectives

In April, I asked you to pledge 15 minutes a day toward getting better, and gave a you a bunch of suggestions to choose from. ("The 15-minute workout," April 30) This week, try steal an extra 15 [...]

Forty ways to improve collaboration at your newspaper

You're trying to explain our business to your teenage daughter, who has already decided she'll work for MTV. You find yourself rhapsodically describing those moments when a disaster hits and [...]

Details, details and, while you’re at it, some more details, please

How one masterful feature writer psyches himself for battle Well-crafted disaster stories remind us how exhaustive reporting provides more real drama than dramatic language. The density of detail [...]

Speed thrills: Improving your story’s pace

One of the most rewarding qualities of good writing is its sense of urgency. That's more than a feeling-it's the determination of the writer to increase the m.p.h.--to cut down the time it takes [...]