Those long sentences are sabotaging you

We do it because there is so much perspective to inject. We do it because we're convinced nobody reads past the first graf. We do it because we think the extra clause or phrase or [...]

How to increase the maturity of your writing

It wasn't only that the feature came racing out of the gate, grabbed you by the throat and never slowed down. It wasn't only that just 93 of its 1,265 words were in quotations. It wasn't only [...]

The 17 worst cliches in the newspaper business

So Sunday I'm reading the newspaper and on the front page of Section B is the following sentence, with a very familiar phrase that I shall underline: Ground zero for [airport] expansion [...]

‘I want my writing to be more sophisticated’

Well, me, too. Who hasn't wished they could wake up just a bit more stylish--the same way they went to bed wishing they could wake up just a bit thinner? Sophistication, alas, is not magical [...]