Why the best journalism of 2001 is 200 words long

Wouldn't this be a great year to cancel the Pulitzer prizes and all the egoism that goes with them? Any other year, we'd be entering the season when many larger newspapers start cramming project [...]

A breakdown of a long story that ‘tracks’

Once you've gained enough command of your short-form stories to assign each paragraph a unique and necessary purpose (see the Oct. 15 posting), you can apply the same logic to longer-form writing.

‘How I wrote the story’: Abandoning your comfort zone

What should you do if you stumble upon a story you weren't expecting, a story that's off your beat but grabs you by the throat? If you're Bill Plaschke, you go for it.

‘Voice’ Part II: Profiles in courage

Last week we examined five different styles of voice by one writer, Kim Murphy. Let's keep the conversation going this week by focusing on one of the hidden qualities behind a writer's voice: a [...]