‘How I wrote the story’: Who IS this guy?

Maybe it's the nobody who sets a local apartment house on fire and kills a bunch of people. Or the guy who holds a bunch of jewelry store customers hostage before killing himself. Or the [...]

Who won the ‘Who Won?’ story?

Your mission is to write a story of between 2,000 and 3,000 words about a complex report detailing the screwiest election in American history. You'll need to address the findings, a variety of [...]

‘How we wrote the story’: You can do a lot in a day

The least likeable editor I worked for was the same guy who muttered one of my favorite lines about this business: "You can get a lot done in a day." He was trying to remind us that real pros [...]

‘How I wrote the story’: Lessons in planning

When a profile works, it's often because the writer has discovered and exploited a fundamental tension between the character and the outside world. The piece submitted for your examination this [...]