Going the extra mile before you hit the ‘send’ key

Your final self-edit should hurt. If it doesn't, you need to do one more. The writers you admire, like great athletes, push themselves to the point of breaking. They don't have to say "ouch" [...]

How to be a playah

One of the most common assignments you get, especially at small- to medium-sized papers, is the local angle. At my first paper, we joked about doing a story about one notorious national figure [...]

‘How I wrote the story’: Wrestling with the access dilemma

If you've ever had an assignment that made you wonder, ''How the hell am I going to DO this?'' you'll enjoy watching my colleague David Ferrell's level-headed pursuit of this story that appeared [...]

Ten hurdles to narrative journalism

Countless reporters will throw themselves underneath the wheels of the narrative journalism movement this year. They'll waste time, waste space and frustrate themselves and their editors.