Editor’s Journal: A test of perspective

Two weeks ago we examined the previous six weeks of my newspaper's coverage of the priest abuse scandal. And then the shit really hit the fan.

Telling your story through the life of one person

I'd like to praise a colleague of mine, Stephanie Chavez, for one cool story and one cool idea that led to another story, both in the past two weeks. Both stories allow us to examine one of the [...]

Editor’s Journal: The church abuse scandal

I'd like to get the last six weeks off my chest. That's how long it took my newspaper to drag out of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles the simple confirmation that a specific [...]

‘How I wrote the story’: Bringing a subculture into focus

Here's a career goal: Write a story so moving that Bruce Springsteen turns it into a song.

‘How I wrote the story’: Wrestling with obscurity

Mike Boehm, an entertainment writer in my newspaper's Orange County edition, had a problem a few years back: He had a great yarn to tell, but the yarn was about somebody many readers had never [...]