‘Burn! Baby! BURN!’

Look, I gotta tell you this story. It's not much about journalism. It's more about my life. I offer it now to celebrate the publication of a book that started in my 12th-grade chemistry class 38 [...]

Blogging the blogger

During California’s gubernatorial recall, a local writer with a national reputation, Micky Kaus, recorded a couple of minor scoops about Arnold Schwarzenegger’s rowdy youthful days. Kaus used to [...]

‘These great truths need no bucking up from me’

Every once in a while you find lessons in short stories--I mean, really short stories. Here's one by Steve Rubenstein of the San Francisco Chronicle, which won best short feature in the recent [...]

The beginning of the ending

This is a story about a good story ending--good because of the way the ending is set up at two places along the story. But it's also a story about how to get edited: how all of us reporters [...]