Recommended Reading 4

L.A. Times media writer James Rainey did a simple but heartbreaking story: He wandered over to the Los Angeles County Hall of Administration and ticked off how the number of reporters covering [...]

Recommended reading 3

As you develop your writing talent you develop a technical appreciation of quotes--when they help and when they hinder. Here, from two stories published today, are a couple lessons. The [...]

Recommended reading 2

portrait of a struggling newspaper—are there any other kind?—by New York Times’ Dan Barry. Go to:

Recommended reading inside!

Dear readers of Newsthinking, I thought I'd use the site to recommend good stuff, stuff that print journalism has to do more of if it expects people to continue subscribing. We've got to [...]

‘Don’t Give Up. Don’t Ever Give Up.’

I woke up this morning needing a battery charge, something to remind me that there is still a kind and knowing heart beating in a world controlled by Sam Zell and his simple-minded idiots. I read [...]

What kinda career switch is this?

If you're intrigued with the blurb on the right side of Newsthinking's March 11 home page devoted to promoting my CD, here's the explanation. It grew out of some demo songs I recorded at home and [...]

Once you begin killing quotes. . .

Nobody says a word in the following story, published in today's Los Angeles Times. Nobody has to. The writer sensed that the absence of public comment when the body of another dead soldier [...]

Obama’s secret weapon

People trying to analyze Barak Obama’s electrifying effect on audiences often suggest he has found a way to graft the yearning of Martin Luther King onto the challenging charm of John F. [...]

‘It is your business. . . to keep the channel open’

If you're the type of person who is making New Year's resolutions, or who is given to the questions "Who am I?" or "What Have I Become?" I offer this essay by Southern California marriage and [...]

Does your copy have that bloated feeling?

My biggest complaint with the Times is having to pour through redundant type, book-length articles that need a Rider's Digest condensation job . . . Starting a news item like some melodrama has [...]