Unhappy anniversary

Today is the third anniversary of my departure from the Los Angeles Times. I quit, after 26 years, because the paper offered me a year's pay and because. . . well, because I had never taken many [...]

Taking the easy way out

Byron Calame, whose tenure as the New York Times' Public Editor has seemed largely lukewarm to me, finally hit a home run. He caught the Times Magazine in what appears to be an embarrassing and [...]

‘It makes me crazy…’

Two perspectives--the macro and the micro--about where our business is headed. Try to restrain your sighs of anguish. These are two painfully accurate assessments. First, a piece in today's [...]

Editor’s Journal: A test of perspective

Two weeks ago we examined the previous six weeks of my newspaper's coverage of the priest abuse scandal. And then the shit really hit the fan.

Editor’s Journal: The church abuse scandal

I'd like to get the last six weeks off my chest. That's how long it took my newspaper to drag out of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Los Angeles the simple confirmation that a specific [...]

Where good ideas come from

What we write about is usually more important than the techniques we use to make the story pretty. Newspapers continue to suffer from too many stories that feel obligatory or flat or formatted, [...]