‘Yeah, I’m defensive. You gotta problem with that?’

Laurie Hertzel, writing coach at the Star Tribune in Minneapolis, posed an intriguing question: "Why is it so tough for so many of us--myself included--to be edited?"

A vocabulary list for reporters and editors

She: I feel like we never talk any more. He: I don't know what you mean. She: See? It's like we don't speak the same language.

The 17 worst cliches in the newspaper business

So Sunday I'm reading the newspaper and on the front page of Section B is the following sentence, with a very familiar phrase that I shall underline: Ground zero for [airport] expansion [...]

Forty ways to improve collaboration at your newspaper

You're trying to explain our business to your teenage daughter, who has already decided she'll work for MTV. You find yourself rhapsodically describing those moments when a disaster hits and [...]

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