Recommended Reading 4

L.A. Times media writer James Rainey did a simple but heartbreaking story: He wandered over to the Los Angeles County Hall of Administration and ticked off how the number of reporters covering [...]

Recommended reading 3

As you develop your writing talent you develop a technical appreciation of quotes--when they help and when they hinder. Here, from two stories published today, are a couple lessons. The [...]

Recommended reading 2

portrait of a struggling newspaper—are there any other kind?—by New York Times’ Dan Barry. Go to:

Recommended reading inside!

Dear readers of Newsthinking, I thought I'd use the site to recommend good stuff, stuff that print journalism has to do more of if it expects people to continue subscribing. We've got to [...]

Once you begin killing quotes. . .

Nobody says a word in the following story, published in today's Los Angeles Times. Nobody has to. The writer sensed that the absence of public comment when the body of another dead soldier [...]

Obama’s secret weapon

People trying to analyze Barak Obama’s electrifying effect on audiences often suggest he has found a way to graft the yearning of Martin Luther King onto the challenging charm of John F. [...]

‘It is your business. . . to keep the channel open’

If you're the type of person who is making New Year's resolutions, or who is given to the questions "Who am I?" or "What Have I Become?" I offer this essay by Southern California marriage and [...]

Does your copy have that bloated feeling?

My biggest complaint with the Times is having to pour through redundant type, book-length articles that need a Rider's Digest condensation job . . . Starting a news item like some melodrama has [...]

It’s always more complicated than you think

"There is no truth. There is only perception." --Gustave Flaubert Truth is wet sand at the beach; you can mold it into endless combinations and you can shatter it at will. It's always [...]

Squeeeeeez it!

Most of us would say the same whiny thing if asked to do a profile in 400 words: "Whhhhaaaaaaa! I can't capture a life in 400 words!" But suppose you took it upon yourself to see if your [...]