“Newsthinking” observations by professionals and professors

“This is the  best book on newswriting I’ve ever read.”

“The three major strengths are a wonderfully conversational and at times irreverent writing style, a truly fresh angle on teaching newswriting—nobody else has looked at the “inner game” in this way—and excellent use of graphics. . . This is the only text I’ve seen that explains the writing process, which is the toughest thing to communicate to students…It’s exactly what we’ve needed in our writing courses.”

Dr. Stanley T. Weardon,  Director of  Communication and Information director of Kent State’s School of Communication Studies

“Far ahead of its time in documenting the  ‘pre-writing process.”

“No nonfiction editor or writer can reach maximum potential without mastering those fundamental truths.  So if you missed them the first time, I commend them to you now. It’s never too late for a classic.”

–Author Jack Hart, former feature-project editor and writing coach, the Oregonian