Table of Contents for “Newsthinking”

“Newsthinking” Table of Contents

“Newsthinking” consists of ten chapters organized by the individual steps a reporter puts each story through

  1. Your Stance:  Focusing your powers of attention to handle the daily flood of new information
  2. Leads:  An introduction to “feedback” and “filters,” and a journey inside the mind of a reporter who has perfected them
  3. Sequencing:  A mental strategy for putting the overall story’s facts in order
  4. Knowing the Reader:  He’s impatient. He’s in a hurry. What are you doing to grab him?
  5. The Perspective Paragraph:  The bane of a thousand dead editors
  6. Your Inner Voice:  Exploiting the styles of silent speech
  7. Tapping the Right Brain:  Drawing on the “magic” of your writing
  8. Creativity: The objective side of “magic.” While you’re fancifully searching for that unique approach, here’s how to make sure you’re headded in the right direction.
  9. Schizophrenia in Editing:  Dr. Jekyll, the reporter, meets Mr. Hyde, the editor
  10. Coping with Pressure:  How to spot it and how to keep your balance